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Take 5 With Peter Orr

In this installment of Take 5, we sit down with Peter Orr (Richmond Hill, Ont.), who is having a stellar season with the AAA-Richmond Braves of the International League. Learn more about Peter by reading below. 

BC: You’ve played several positions in both the infield and outfield in your career. How much of an asset is your versatility?

Orr: It’s a big one and it helps me a lot as a player, especially in the National League because there’s no designated hitter and there are double-switches. I think it’s something that will keep me around.

BC: You’ve had a tremendous season, ranking among the International League leaders in several offensive categories including hitting. What’s been the secret of your success?

Orr: Confidence. I did get contact lenses this year but confidence is the main one – trusting yourself to be able to do it. I think in previous seasons I played a backup role and you tend to overemphasize when you do play. You press too much and worry about things you shouldn’t worry about. When you play every day and make a mistake, you can shrug it off and know you’ll get more opportunities.

BC: You’ve been with a very successful organization playing in the Atlanta Braves’ system. What’s that been like?

Orr: I enjoy it. The head people have always been nice and I’ve always been treated with respect. 

BC: You’ve been recognized in the past for your work ethic, being named “Best Hustler” of the AA-Southern League last season. How would you characterize your style of play?

Orr: Giving everything I have. I think that’s the way the game should be played – do what you can to make a play. 

BC: How much does winning the IL batting title weigh on your mind?

Orr: It’s more that other people bring it up. I think if you’re going on with that on your mind, you are not going to be as productive. If it happens, it happens. It’s one of those things that will take care of itself. I’m more concerned about winning the (league) championship. We have a real good team and a real good shot at winning it. 

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