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Bathurst Minor Baseball now RBI Approved

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OTTAWA-Baseball Canada is pleased to announce that Bathurst Minor Baseball (New Brunswick) is the 17th minor baseball association in Canada to become RBI Approved (Reaching Baseball Ideals).

Bathurst Minor Baseball has been part of the local community for over 20 years and now becomes the 4th minor baseball association in New Brunswick to achieve the RBI Approved designation.

“Baseball New Brunswick had encouraged us to become RBI Approved after we started the Rally Cap program,” said outgoing BMBA President Dan MacDonald. “We were trying to find a way to increase the interest (in baseball) for kids in our area.”

Before the Rally Cap program was instituted, Bathurst Minor Baseball was using a T-Ball and 5-pitch program. Parents were finding that their kids were bored with these programs which eventually led to them leaving the game entirely.

“Parents were telling me that their kids were bored and wanted to move up a level,” said MacDonald. “There was room for some of the kids to move up, but some kids couldn’t make the Mosquito level and eventually quit the game.

“My hope is that the Rally Cap program will allow the kids and parents to see that there is a specific skill set that needs to be worked on. Once the child reaches the last level the parents and coaches will know that the child is ready for the next level.”

Bathurst Minor Baseball is on the smaller side with 80-100 kids registered ranging in age from 5 to 18. The goal of the association, now that they’re RBI Approved, is to keep baseball fun and exciting so kids continue with the sport as they progress through the different age levels.

“This program will allow the kids to have more fun learning the game of baseball and be more active each night at practice,” explained MacDonald. “This should get the kids talking and that may pick up the interest of their friends to play too.”

To find out more about the RBI Program and how your association can become RBI Approved please click the link below:

RBI PROGRAM - Reaching Baseball Ideals

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