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REGISTER TODAY! Baseball Canada Lab Challenge 

Are you thirsting for some friendly competition in a team environment? Look no further than the BASEBALL CANADA LAB CHALLENEGE! A competition centred on physical fitness that will challenge athletes to improve their performance while competing against other age appropriate athletes.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register your team of 7 athletes + 1 coach at
  • You will need to create a coach/adult account before you can add players to your group
  • The program will last for 7 weeks with 1 test to be completed each week
  • 7 tests identified from are:
    • 15-30-15 test
    • 900 foot run (adaptation per age group) test
    • Feet-Wall test 
    • Soccer test 
    • Alternate Hand Wall test 
    • Morgan’s Test and Hurdle test
  • Teams will choose their own unique team name
  • Teams will be gender based at 10U (2010 & 2011), 12U (2008 & 2009) , 14U (2006 & 2007) & 16U (2004 & 2005) age divisions (DOB required upon registration)
  • No limit of entries per province, per age group 

What are my responsibilities as a coach/adult?

  • Register your team on 
  • Attend the live or recorded weekly virtual session with our expert explaining the current week test and drills (15 minutes)
  • Obtain your team’s best result captured by video and upload it to 
  • Answer questions from your team members and provide encouragement 


The following rankings will be published: 

  1. Top Individual Performer for each test
  2. Top Team Average Performance at each test
  3. Top Individual Improvement at each test 
  4. Top Individual Performer at Combined Tests
  5. Top Team Average Performance at Combined Tests 
  6. Top Individual Improvement at Combined Tests   


Registration: May 11-18 - 

Week 1: May 17-23 
May 19: Coaches Zoom explaining baseline testing 
May 24: Deadline to submit results for each player for all 7 tests (this will be baseline data)

Week 2: May 24-31
May 25: Coaches Zoom explaining 15-30-15 Test 
May 30: Deadline to submit results for each player for 15-30-15 test
June 1: Leader Board posted

Week 3: May 31-June 7
June 1: Coaches Zoom explaining 900 foot Test 
June 6: Deadline to submit results for each player for 900-foot test
June 8: Leader Board posted

Week 4: June 7-Jun 14
June 8: Coaches Zoom explaining Feet-Wall Test 
June 13: Deadline to submit results for each player for Feet-Wall test
June 15: Leader Board posted

Week 5: June 14-21
June 15: Coaches Zoom explaining Soccer Test 
June 20: Deadline to submit results for each player for Soccer test
June 22: Leader Board posted

Week 6: June 21-June 28
June 22: Coaches Zoom explaining Alternate Hand-Wall Test 
June 27: Deadline to submit results for each player for Alternate Hand-Wall test
June 29: Leader Board posted

Week 7: June 28 – July 5 
June 29: Coaches Zoom explaining Morgan Test and Hurdle Test
July 4: Deadline to submit results for each player for Morgan test and Hurdle Test
Jun 6: Leader Board posted

Current Covid-19 situation

*Please note that this challenge IS NOT to be conducted in person. Each week, each participant is responsible to train for the weekly test and submit his/her individual test performance video to his/her coach/adult with the help of a family member. At no time, teams should gather as a group to conduct training or test.

Training of any kind done in a group setting is prohibited by current legislation.  To clarify, a group by definition, for these purposes, would be anyone not living in the same household who is training together, or anyone instructing a non-virtual training session.

 Baseball Canada is also reminding all participants, that all activities must adhere to the Quarantine Act (Canada), as well as any provincial, municipal by-laws and facility rules in place related to COVID-19 physical distancing and public or private gatherings.