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Baseball Canada among Canadian Sport Organization teaming up to develop the Gender Equity Playbook

Baseball Canada is pleased to announce its participation in a partnership with Canadian Women & Sport, Alpine Canada, Athletics Canada, Rowing Canada Aviron and Canada Snowboard to pilot and support the development of the Gender Equity Playbook.

The playbook will be designed to undertake three steps: an e-learning module along with an assessment and an action planning service. The Gender Equity Playbook will be a capacity-building program to help organizations apply a gender lens to their day to day decision-making.

“We are excited to partner with Canadian Women & Sport and other sport leaders on this important initiative,” said Baseball Canada President Jason Dickson. “The steps taken on this project will lead to affective change as we work towards creating an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all athletes.”

“We firmly believe that sport organizations are made better through gender equity and we are delighted that these six partners have made such a strong commitment to change, not just for themselves but for the sport system as a whole,” said Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, CEO of Canadian Women & Sport.

“This pilot process will ensure that the Playbook moves us towards our goal of making equitable sport a reality for women and girls in Canada.”

“Gender equity doesn’t happen without groups working together. It requires proactive action with leaders in the sport system to recruit, promote, support, champion and celebrate the success of all women in the system,” said Carolyn Trono, Director of Quality Sport.

“By working with Canadian Women and Sport, we will learn if additional steps could be taken to provide a better environment to support women in our organization. This could involve policy changes, shifts in our expectations of how people work, and it will likely require all team members to be conscious of how their words and actions impact others.”